UK’s Largest  Ethnic Superstores

About Us

Manchester Super stores  is one of the largest Asian grocery retailers in the north, Manchester Super stores has evolved beyond providing basic grocery staples and become known as a tourist and destination store. Our reputation is built on being known as the information specialist on all things Asian and part of our mission is to educate the customer on all aspects of Asian culture. Manchester Super store’s pre-eminence among Asian stores comes from its use of modern technology, its emphasis on cleanliness and its adherence to its business philosophy.




Commitment to Quality


We're passionate about sharing Asian culture with our customers and one way we do this is by providing our customers with the largest selection and variety of authentic Asian food and merchandise.  We are committed to offering the freshest, finest and highest grade seafood, meat and produce as well as products from reliable and trusted brands.





Customer Service


Our primary motivation for what we do is you, our customer.  For this reason, it is important for us to deliver exceptional service, share our knowledge and expertise and be a leader in innovation.  We celebrate and welcome the diversity of our customers and community by creating a comfortable, fun and unique shopping experience



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The north's largest Ethnic Superstore Chain

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